Sunday, February 10, 2008

Central Park

We spent a lot of time exploring the many areas and scenery that make up Central Park. We spent virtually 2 days exploring and traversing the park. There is so much to see and enjoy. Our 2 favorite New York museums, Museum of Natural History and Metropolitan Museum of Art, flank each side of the park. We also enjoyed visiting the Central Park Zoo. The park is so incredibly diverse with activities such as concerts, baseball, biking, playing chess, boating, sunbathing, strolling birdwatching etc etc. It seems there is an activity for everyone to enjoy. Definitely a do not miss experience when you visit.

The Central Park experience is not complete without a boatride on the pond.

September was a gorgeous time in Central Park. We especially enjoyed Shakespeare's Garden with the many butterflies and bees hovering around. They were very photogenic.

Click to enlarge. Panoramic shot of Pond and Boat House.

View of Central Park from Top of the Rock at Rockefeller Center. From this vantage point you truly appreciate the immensity of Central Park.

In front of Bethesda Fountain. Used as a backdrop for many films.

Chess lovers paradise. Fresh air, nature, and chess. Bobby Fisher..where is he??

Beautiful scene in the Conservatory Garden

Another great shot in th Conservatory Garden

Famous bridge over "The Pond". Great spot to sit on a bench and take it all in.

Great shot of the Boat House, a very nice restaurant, with rental boats seen in the foreground.

Looking to the north at The Mall.

Conservatory Water with some boats floating by.