Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island

Our trip to the Statue of Liberty was splendid. Perfect weather!! We reserved our pass months early so we would be in the first group in the morning to see Lady Liberty. After security and a short boat ride we made it to Liberty Island. Us speed walkers were first in line and we entered the base/museum first. It was marvelous because as we went through the museum and climbed to the top it was as if we were the only ones at the statue and museum. Everyone was behind us the entire way by. We definitely reccommend going first thing in the morning. This first picture is of us aboard the Staten Island ferry. Its a free 30 minute ride to Staten Island and then we hopped right back on and came back to Manhattan. It was a little foggy that night, but it afforded us a great view of the Statue at night as well as the Manhattan skyline returning. Great opportunity to sit back and enjoy the ride.

We took a gazillion pictures of the Statue of Liberty. There were too many good ones so we put these ones in these collages and lowered the quality : ( You can click to enlarge.

Visit to Ellis Island
After a couple of hours visiting Lady Liberty, we hopped back on the ferry, and headed toward Ellis Island. It was very inspiring to peer into the lives of immigrants to the United States. There are many wonderful exhibits and stories told there. We came to better appreciate the faith and determination that motivated so many immigrants. They created the backbone of this great country. Below are some examples of the exhibits and wall-sized photos that covered the walls.