Tuesday, February 19, 2008

New York City

We visited New York City for the first time September 30 through October 6, 2007. We enjoyed perfect weather in the 70's all week with not a drop of rain. It was so nice to spend a week getting to know each other again without kids. It could not have been a better week. We owe so much thanks to both our parents and to Brian and Merika. What you did for us was priceless and you don't know how much we appreciate you. You made it all possible for us. We set this blog up as a journal for us of our experiences in New York but also as a guide for anyone planning a trip to the Big Apple. We are very type A personalities and love to research and plan everything out beforehand. We hope you find something useful on this site whether it be a link to another website or an insider tip we provided.

Each of these photos contains a lot of detail and you may CLICK to ENLARGE. Most pictures on this site were taken using a Canon 8 megapixel A630. Do not use or copy without my consent.
Happy traveling!