Thursday, January 31, 2008


We went to Chinatown first thing one morning. We found a quaint bakery and bought some fresh and delicious Chinese pastries. Nearby we found a park where we could sit down and eat. The park was filled with many elderly Chinese playing card games at picnic tables. The women were off having their own game while the men were off at other tables. Walking through Chinatown is like being transported to another country. The Bustling streets are filled with sights and smells very foreign. Many vendors are cooking or hustling their wares right on the sidewalk. From fresh produce to fresh fish Chinese are picking out their ingredients for that nights dinner. There are a lot of wonderful restaurants bakeries and souvenir shops. There are souvenir shops all over Manhattan. However, we suggest you ignore the urge to go in these shops. Just wait until you are in Chinatown and buy all of your souvenirs there. They will have everything you need. From t-shirts to baby turtles. They have it all and you can barter too! Bring cash as many shops to not take debit or credit. There are also shops for foot massage or accupuncture. There are vendors at every corner trying to sell Name Brand imitation purses.