Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Grand Central Terminal

The station certainly is grand and airy. A truly regal terminal for travelers. We enjoyed looking around and enjoying the architecture of the interior. Definitely a great place to people watch. Down below in the building's belly is a huge hall with many restaurants and vendors to buy lunch from. Perfect for the wary traveler. Also a subway museum can be found with many other shopping opportunities. Of special note is Junior's Restaurant. Junior's also has a special shop strictly with desserts. MMMM...cheesecake! The Grand Central link on this page has some excellent history on this magnificent building.

Click to enlarge. Panoramic shot of Grand Central

I love this shot! Gives you a feel of the "goings and comings" happening. It is fun to witness all the people in motion arriving for lunch or catching a train.

The roof is splendid with its many depictions of the constellations.